Joanne Robertson


02. ‐ 03.12.2022
Kamilla Bischof, Gina Fischli, Joanne Robertson, Laura Welker
23.09. ‐ 05.11.2022
Joanne Robertson, Rachal Bradley
Galerie Gregor Staiger, Milan
02.03. ‐ 02.04.2022
Joanne Robertson
02.09. ‐ 23.10.2021
Joanne Robertson
Edouard Montassut
05.04. ‐ 18.05.2019
Joanne Robertson, Chloé Maratta
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
07.03. ‐ 14.04.2019
Joanne Robertson
Natural Behavior


Born: 1979, Manchester, UK

Glasgow School of Art, BA Fine Art (Painting), Glasgow
Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, MFA Fine Art (Painting), London

2022 Fingerblades (with Rachel Bradley), Gregor Staiger, Milan
2022 Night, SANDY BROWN, Berlin
2021 Feels, Edouard Montassut, Paris
2021 Liste Art Fair Basel, w. Matthew Langan-Peck, Basel
2020 Paris International, w. Maggie Lee, Edouard Montassut, Paris
2020 Mad Season, Mother Culture, Berlin
2020 Heart Love, Gallery Malmo, Edinburgh
2019 Natural Behavior, Svetlana, New York
2019 C/J, w. Chloe Maratta, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
2019 Art Dusseldorf, w. Nik Geene, Svetlana, Dusseldorf
2018 Villagy Trilogy, w. Jasper Baydala and Max Brand, Carlier Gebauer, Berlin
2018 71 Songbook, Tenderbooks, London
2017 Collaborative performance w. Paul Pieroni and Max Brand, Glasgow Film Theatre, LUX, Glasgow
2016 Poppies, w. Max Brand, cur. Paul Pieroni, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
2015 SET-UP, Limazulu, London
2015 Performance #9, Zhang Ding ‘Enter the Dragon’, ICA and K11 Art Foundation, ICA, London
2015 Residency Islington Mill, Salford, Manchester
2014 BOB DYLAN, w. Lucy Stein, cur. Michael Callies (Dependance), Vogue, Brussels
2013 BUCKET HEAD, 4 month residency and exhibition, cur. Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Mangiabarche Gallery, Calasetta
2011 Mayonnaise, Southard Reid, London
2009 MURMUR, nominated by Tracey Emin, Selfridges, London
2009 Scorpian Dance Music, Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea, Palermo
2008 w. Simon Denny, Martin Creed Studio, London
2008 Bad Bat, URA, Istanbul
2018 Clap Trap, Blow De La Barra, London
2007 OH NIGHT, Blood’n’Feathers, w. Lucy Stein, Confort Moderne, Poitiers
2006 Severin, Blow de la Barra, London
2006 Blood’n’Feathers, w. Lucy Stein, Jerwood Space, London
2006 Blood’n’Feathers, w. Lucy Stein, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
2004 Soft Wet Dreams, Mary Mary, Glasgow

2023 Baroque, Champ Lacombe, Biarritz
2022 Part One, Company, New York
2022 Wait, where did I leave my keys, DREI, Cologne
2021 Speaking Esperanto, Triest, New York
2021 Witch Hunt, Kunsthall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2021 Speaking Esperanto, Triest, New York
2020 Mike’s, w. Peter Friel, Jonathan Gean, Maggie Lee, Markus Oehlen and Josef Strau, Svetlana, New York
2019 Wolfe Island Responsibility Fest, Wolfe Island
2018 Klang Halle, FRI ART Kunsthalle, cur. Balthazar Lovay, Freiburg
2018 John Moores Painting Prize 2018, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
2017 Special Reception @ The Heights, Le Bourgeois, London
2017 Umwelt Mode, Basel
2017 Something Like You, AND/OR, London
2016 PAGAN BITCH WITCH, Evelyn Yard, London
2015 The Wise Wound, Tate St. Ives, cur. Lucy Stein, St.Ives
2014 BAR DREI, 681 Morgan Avenue, cur. by Morag Keil, New York
2014 Je Suis Feministe, Unit 21, Penarth Centre, cur. Morag Keil, Lena Tutunjian, Georgie Nettell, London
2012 Modern Talking, Cluj Museum, cur. by Nicola Trezzi, Cluj
2012 Les Biennale, OHIO, cur. Rachal Bradley and Matthew Richardson, Glasgow
2012 CD, w. Morag Keil, Manuela Gernedel and Lena Tutunjian, UNIT D, Leswin Place Studios, London
2011 4 Rooms, CCA Ujazdowski Castle Museum, cur. by Nicola Trezzi Warsaw
2011 Expanded Painting International, Prague Biennial 5, selected by Helena Kontova, Prague
2010 Viafarini residency exhibition, w. Sharon Hukema, Igor Muroni, cur. by Milovan Farronato, Viafarini, Milan
2010 Riff Raff, Quaritch Gallery, cur. Francesca Migliorati and David Southard, London
2010 Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal Issue Number 10, invited by Thurston Moore, White Columns, New York
2009 DIRECTIONS, Apalazzo Gallery, Brescia
2009 Mermaids vs Unicorns, I-20, cur. Byron Coley and Joanne Robertson, New York
2008 Creative 30, Vice Gallery, nominated by Martin Creed, London
2008 Containers, Blow de la Barra, Art Basel Miami, Miami
2008 V22 Collection Exhibition, selected by Martin Creed, London
2007 Hot For Teacher, Nog Gallery, cur. Byron Coley and Joanne Robertson, London
2007 All Tomorrows Pictures, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
2007 Anticipation, cur. Flora Fairbairn, Kay Saatchi and Catriona Warren, London
2007 Off Modern, Confort Moderne cur. by Yann Chevalier, Nice
2006 Becks Futures, Blood‘n’Feathers w. Lucy Stein, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Arnolfini Bristol, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
2006 MEN, I-20 Gallery, cur. by Ellen Altfest, New York
2006 St Mungo, Lightbox Gallery, cur. Nick McCarthy (musician), Los Angeles
2005 Teaming, as Blood‘n’Feathers w. Lucy Stein, The Embassy, Edinburgh
2005 Campbell’s Soup, Glasgow School of Art, cur Neil Mulholland Glasgow

2021 Alien Baby w. Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Tenderbooks
2020 Black Metal 2, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson, Rough Trade
2020 Painting Stupid Girls, solo EP, World Music
2020 Lathe live recording vinyl project, Feeding Tube, Massachusetts
2020 Nitro Girls, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson, World Music
2019 Zushi, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson, World Music
2017 Wahalla, Joanne Robertson/Dean Blunt, Textile Records
2017 6 memos for the next millennium, a multidisciplinary project of Mario Suardiaz, GOD gallery, Caridad Records
2016 Wildflower, solo album, co-writers ‘KOOL MUSIC’/ Dean Blunt, Escho Records
2015 Black Moon Days, solo album, Feeding Tube Records, Massachusetts
2014 Black Metal, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson, Rough Trade
2014 SKINFADE, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson
2013 Stone Island, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson
2013 The Redeemer, Dean Blunt, co-writer Joanne Robertson, Hippos in Tanks Records
2008 The Lighter, solo album, produced by David Cunningham/The Flying Lizards, Textile Records

Jazz Cafe London, w. Oliver Coates, Kool Music
Café Cox Kunst Kneipe Berlin, w. FPBJPC
LUMA Westbau Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland
Volksbuhune, Berlin
Halle Fur Kunst, Luneburg, Germany
Responsibility Fest, cur. by FPBJPC, Wolfe Island, Canada
Jenny’s, Los Angeles/US, London

2019 Songbook 79, w. Byron Coley, Tenderbooks and Bad Taste Press
2018 Songbook 71, w. Byron Coley, 2018, Tenderbooks and Bad Taste Press
2010 Unicorns V’s Mermaids, w. Byron Coley, 2010, Bad Taste Press
2007 Apesma, w. Byron Coley, 2007, Bad Taste Press

2016 Hospitalfield Autumn Residency, Arbroath
2013 Mangiabarche, invited by Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Sardegna
2010 VIR Viafarini-in-Residence, nominated by Martin Creed, Milan
2007 Confort Moderne, Blood’n’Feathers, w. Lucy Stein, Poitiers
2006 Becks Futures, Nominee as Blood‘n’Feathers w. Lucy Stein, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
2003 Joch McPhie, for most promising student awarded by Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2000 Mary Elizabeth Barrow Prize, for an outstanding student, awarded by Blackpool and Fylde College of Art

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