Alex Vivian


Dec 05 - 20, 2020
Alex Vivian
GUZZLER, Melbourne
Sep 12 - Oct 31, 2020
Rosa Panaro, Alex Vivian
Various Others 2020


Alex Vivian (b. 1981, Australia) is best-known for sculptures, assemblages and installations of domestic items such as food packaging and rubbish, meat slicers (castration devices), vacuums, and toasters. His objects are modified in a variety of ways: painted, scribbled, stacked, glued, bleached, wrapped, lathered with condiments and general goo, etc. Text has also played a significant role in his work – descriptive prose posing as unspectacular newspaper headlines or cut-out wording formed into over-explanatory silhouettes. During the last five years, Vivian has increasingly channeled his energies into picture making. Recent paintings depict a supermarket brand lubricant logo; another series describes a 'Cobalt blue pecking order, or conceptual gradient of social aids, in the form of Animal by-product: butter, margarine, table spread. Duck fat reigns supreme over Lard, as does dripping to plate grease’.

Select solo exhibitions include Guzzler, Melbourne; Monash University, Melbourne; Sandy Brown, Berlin; Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne; Craft Victoria, Melbourne; Gambia Castle, Auckland. Select group exhibitions include Neon Parc, Melbourne; Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Berlin; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland; Bodega, Philadelphia.