01.04.10 - 01.05.10

Saturday 27th March
From 7pm

FACEHUG 03 is “Music from *CANDY FACTORY”, an audio piece with accompanying
lyrics by Takuji Kogo. It’s based on fragments of found text, extracted from
propaganda posters, junk mail, online forums, personal ads and horoscope
forecasts, and is performed by synthetic voices.

This work transitions over to Takuji Kogo’s ongoing photographic sculpture
“Non_Sites”, flogging generic scenes of standardized everyday life as
organic wallpapers.

Takuji Kogo is the founder of *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS, an international
collaborative multimedia art project and a roaming unit for individual
projects and long-term collaborations, that are presented in various
formats, such as physical exhibitions, on websites, in publications and
events. The projects explore the backwaters of the global economy, covering
such disparate issues as the process of transformation and dereliction of
post-modern architecture in Tokyo, tourism on the Korean North-South divide
and a shopping mall in Singapore filled with agencies for foreign maids.

FACEHUG is a text project by Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea, exploring ways in which
artists approach language, unfolding annually in various media, formats and
distribution channels. Music from *CANDY FACTORY will be available on iTunes
as of April 15th. The lyrics can be downloaded from